Thursday, 17 May 2012

Power through surveillance

  2. To help advertising creatives understand what type of video is most likely to be viewed
  3. It is free advertising essentially. The aim of virals is to create hype and get viewers to create media volume by sharing it. It means the public are interacting with the ad, rather than being forced to watch it, they may even actively seek out the ad
  4. Advertisers are raising the question of wether campaign success can be gaged by viral scope and wether a new type of advertising is needed for the future
  5. TV ads that had been placed online
  6. Buzz is an excited interest ie. "the viral created a buzz"
  7. 1-4
  8. How many hits the video receives and the overall enjoyment are indicators of viral success
  9. Videos must be distinctive compared to the millions of other videos on the web, celebrity endorsement and created buzz
  10. The element of luck is how the viral will be received. once uploaded it is totally out of the brands control, it is down to the viewer. It might be that it is received well and there is a lot of online chatter, or it might be received badly and become negative for the brand

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