Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Post Modernism

Post Modernism came around as a rebellion against the conformity of modernism and saw a total disregard for its views on the future and trying to progress. Post modernism took a very negative view and is often seen as pessimistic. It has a disillusionment of the idea of absolute knowledge. It was very much driven by the new generation after modernism and carried the typical rebellious nature against the rules enforced by an elder generation. Modernism is seen as an expression of modern life, technology and communication, whereas Post Modernism is seen as the reaction to these things.

Post Modernism is mostly associated with architecture but can also be seen in Advertising. In the modernism era adverts were very much to the point, giving you the necessary information and images. However in the post modern era ads became a lot more complex and became almost an art form rather than an information service. A good example would be most car adverts. In some of these ads the only indication that it is an Ad for a car is the company badge at the end. Advertisers started trying to sell you a feeling using visual stimulation.

However with every new generation the rules implemented by its predecessors can be seen as very old and each generation wants to create its own identity. Many people disregard the idea that we are heading towards a post-post modernism era, but i feel that we are heading towards something totally different to both modernism and post modernism. With more enfaces being put on Viral advertising and the use of new media such as the internet, it is becoming apparent that the new generation is creating its own era in the arts world, especially advertising.


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