Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Media & Visual Culture

A definition of new media would be Modern systems of communication and distribution supplied by relatively small groups of cultural producers, but directed towards large numbers of consumers. There are lots of criticism that you can make about Mass Media as it can be seen as very superficial and trivial. It is seen as very conservative through its encouragement of the Status Quo and the pieces success is measured by its viewing figures. However there are many positive things that you can say about Mass Media. Not all of it is of low quality and lots of social issues are addressed. Also it gives a chance for the transmission of high art material to reach a broader audience.

A lot of fine art is incorporated into mass media and given a new meaning. A relevant example would be the Pears Soap ad which incorporated a famous painting of a child blowing bubbles and gave it a new meaning. This sort of manipulation has been used numerous times for album covers, such as the Franz Ferdinand album that incorporated an old Russian propaganda poster, or The Stones Roses cover that used a Jackson Pollock painting.

There are many people that think that art should be autonomous and should not be used in mass media. However it is my view that this is a little portentous and in many cases mass media has helped the engagement of the audience towards the original piece.

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