Monday, 18 October 2010

Romanticism in Advertising

Romanticism is an artistic movement that emerged in the 18th century as a rebellion against the industrial revolution. Renowned advertiser Tony Kaye has managed to blend the lines between romanticism and advertising in his adverts, creating an experience for the viewer rather than just telling them the product. He has been described as a post-modern creative because of his ability to flow effortlessly between the two fields.

A perfect example of his work that blends these two fields is the advert “Dunlop – Tested for the unexpected” in which he explores the taboo, including images of latex covered daemons and mythical beings whilst including a song by Velvet Underground which was previously banned for its descriptions of bondage. He creates this experience of a sensation that viewers have never experienced before and only at the end does he relate it to the product he is selling.

Tony Kaye works so well in this blurred no mans land between romanticism and advertising because of his total disregard to the views and opinions of his clients, and instead creates an advert which is closer to a piece of art than an advert. He realises that “there are larger forces in our lives which are not easily represented through the conventional means of advertising”

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